Education and Rural development

No doubt India has excelled in different walks of life and its spectacular development in information technology is next to none. The nation is fast developing to become an economic giant and is marching on the path of industrialization. It has opened its gates for foreign direct investment in multi-brand retail sector and also in sensitive sectors of print and electronic media. But still there is no marked improvement in the standard of living of the majority of its people. It is very painful that while some thrive on the poor tax payers’ money and enjoy all luxuries and possess all modern gadgets. Some of our brethren do not even have full two square meals a day. There are reports that due to poverty some fellow Indians are forced to go to bed empty stomach. Thus while some have prospered, the vast majority is living a life of abject poverty. There is unequal distribution of wealth and means of production. It is ironic that poor is becoming poorer and the rich richer. So there is an urgent need to address the issue of uneven distribution of wealth. Not that the Government at the national and state level has done nothing to alleviate the condition of the masses but much more needs to be done to raise the living standards of the people particularly the ruralites. Unless and until the living conditions of the rural people are not improved all efforts of economic and social development will prove futile. But the greatest inhibition to the development of rural India is the lack of knowledge and ignorance. India is a rural and agricultural economy.

Therefore top priority should be given to the education of rural children. By education is meant the all round development of body, mind and spirit and not only the three R’s of Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic. Thus by education is meant the development of human personality and the development of essential qualities of citizenship among Indians. Therefore development of democratic qualities in the masses should have proper place in the education system.  Because citizens should know about their duties as well along with their fundamental rights. Education is Sine-qua-non for the development of the society as well as economy. Thus the pivotal role of education for societal and economic development can no way be exaggerated. Along with education there should be peace, security and stable economy which also have its bearing on national development. Therefore along with education emphasis should be given to peace and development as well. This is particularly important for the development of J&K economy as a state is facing turmoil and militancy from the last three decades. Therefore this peace and stabilities is the prerequisite for the economic development of this sensitive state of Indian federation.  Education should not be bread and butter education only but along with this education there should be moral and character education as well. For development of rural India the Government should give incentives (Monetary and non monetary incentives) to rural children in the form of scholarships.  Education of the poor, backward and weaker section of the society should be given much emphasis. Because for the development of India; rural India cannot be overlooked. If we have to fight conservatism, orthodoxy, superstitions, social and cultural taboos, outdated notions and beliefs, we have to enlighten the hearts of people with education. Education is the potent tool and means of development and all the vices and problems of society can be fought with education and awareness. So due emphasis should be laid on educating rural boys and girls so that there will be gross root transformation of rural India. Along with bread and butter, there is urgent need for value based education in today’s India.

Value crises have enveloped and wrapped the true face of mother India today and there is need to inculcate moral, ethical and spiritual values to children. Dishonesty and the menace of corruption have tarnished our image in the community of world nations. It is very disturbing that we have distinguished ourselves in corruption scams and scandals, one outnumbering the other in magnitude and gravity. At the domestic front, the corruption at public places is threatening the very existence of the country. The menace of corruption is there from top to bottom of the administrative and political ladder. The honest man is an odd man out. His work never gets done. There is a growing need to arrest the trend of corruption in public places. Stringent laws and their forceful & speedy implementation is needed. Speedy trail and disposal of corruption cases is needed to save the credibility of the public institutions. Both the bribe giver and bribe receiver should be equally held responsible for corruption and both should receive due punishment. In the ultimate analysis, the menace of corruption should also be fought through moral and spiritual education. Thus education is the potent tool for national and social development as well as for solving all burning problems confronting the nation.

[ 3/02/2018]