'US keen to build ties with India through agricultural products'

CHENNAI: Minister-counselor for the foreign agricultural service wing of the United States department of agriculture (USDA) Jeanne F Bailey on Tuesday said the US was keen on strenghening cultural relationship between the two countries through agricultural products.

"India is a wonderful country, having a vibrant cultural diversity. It has a great tradition of food. Our aim is to strengthen the relationship between both India and the US through agricultural products, as Indians are fond of soybeans, sauces, ketchups, jams, jellies and chocolates made in the US. We would like to introduce those products in India," said Jeanne F Bailey, while having a select media round table at Taj Club House in the city on Tuesday.

Jeanne said her team had an interactive session with Indian chefs, company executives and product managers on Monday, introducing the US products they are going to introduce in India. "Every product should pass the test of customers. If the customer doesn't know about the product, then there is no point. We had an interactive session on this line and we introduced many US brands like California Walnuts, US Highbush Blueberry Council and Washington Apple Commission to the Indian company executives. The idea is to create a platform for meaningful exchange of agricultural products between the two countries," she said.

Asked whether the promotional exercise was one-way, Jeanne said it was not meant to be one-sided. "We are exporting spices and fruits from India. It's going on well. At the same time, we realised that we don't have a proper channel to sell our products in India," said Jeanne, who is in charge of India and Sri Lanka.

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