Livelihoods News

The Ministry of Food Processing Industries will launch National Mission on Food Processing Scheme (NMFPS) involving state governments by April this year.

The primary source of survey data was household consumer expenditure surveys of the National Sample Survey Organisation.The authors argued that the findings are a compelling reason for increased investment in the health sector.

March 9, 2012: China is willing to share with other nations its unique experiences in water management and conservation , according to Chen Lei, minister of water resources.

March  8, 2012: As you scan a busy street or travel on a train, the ubiquitous mobile is everywhere. And yet, one of India's biggest success stories - the use of mobile technology - has reached women only partially. A recent study shows that 12% fewer women own mobiles as compared to men.

March 8, 2012: Holding a placard that read: “You Don't See What We Can Do, Who's Disabled — We or You,” over a hundred women on wheelchairs celebrated International Women's Day by demanding the right to be treated with dignity and equality.

The Centre for Jawaharlal Nehru Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia and Fair Trade Forum, India is going to organize a two-day National Workshop on "Markets & Livelihoods: The Political Economy of Retail Trade in India". The workshop is scheduled to be held on March 9-10, 2012 from 09.30 AM to 5.30 PM.

6 March 2012:  India's excellent economic growth has had little impact on its social indicators, and India is likely to miss achieving the Millennium Development Goals in respect of poverty reduction, health, nutrition, sanitation and gender. Two recent reports confirm this.

5 March, 2012: Honey is fast becoming the buzzword in Bharatpur district of Rajasthan with beekeeping activities changing the face of rural economy. Honey production has emerged as an alternative livelihood in the wake of shrinking size of agricultural land, impact of climate change and increasing costs of farm inputs.

New global reasearch  from Accenture, titled 'The Path Forward', has found that a greater number of women  (40%) are satisfied with their current job and are not looking for new job oppertunities  as compared to men (28%).

The finance ministry  is all set to increase the agriculture  lending target by around 25% in the budget for 2012-13 despite a sharp increase in the non-performing loans  in the sector.  In the last budget, the government had increased the target to 4.75 lakh crore from 3.75 lakh crore in the year before.